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PIPCO-Worldwide Launches

PIPCO-Worldwide Launches

Welcome to PIPCO-Worldwide!

Hi there – thanks for visiting our new website!  Worldwide-Marketing has rebranded our tire bladder export division as PIPCO-Worldwide to better support the expansion of our program.  We’ve built the site to better serve you, the technical plant managers, so please join our mailing list. There you will receive our latest technical updates and industry news.

The PIPCO-Worldwide brand may be new, but we boast a long tradition of accomplishment in the tire industry. Over the past three decades, we’ve worked with just about every major tire manufacturer in the world.  We pride ourselves on being technical specialists and a trusted “secondary supplier” of low volume bladders. Our nearly 30 years of logistic expertise ensures our customers fast, on-time delivery of bladders.  If you’re having supply or quality issues, please be in touch. We can help.

Our new brand and website are only a small part of what we hope will be an exciting global expansion. We will be increasing staffing and making new connections every step of the way. But the journey is always more fun with company. That is the purpose of this site: to provide support and education to those companies that decide to join us in our new period of expansion.

So that’s PIPCO-Worldwide in a nutshell. What about you? Whether you have been one of our trusted customers for 30 years or if you’re a new manufacturer interested on our expansion efforts, we’d love to know how we can help you improve your cure rates, lower your risk of production disruptions, or supply you with low volume bladders.

Please send us an email at or call us at 1-800-237-1713 to learn how we can help.

On behalf of Tom Hughes, President of PIPCO-Worldwide, we welcome you to our new website and look forward to having you back on our blog soon.

Written by Michael